WATTS, Dr. Isaac


In presenting this little work to the notice of the reader, ? the author realizes he enters a domain where writers better equipped both in scholastic ability and historic research have, preceded, yet some of the incidents, and historical associations herein narrated are not generally known, especially is this the case, among our American people, who may possibly become interested to know something of the circumstances, that led the sainted Isaac Watts “The Bard of the Sanctuary” to labor so heroically for the “defense of the gospel,” in a time when the faith of the Christian Ministry was so much tried by the mighty onslaughts of the infidel, atheistic and Roman Catholic world, whose concerted and combined attacks upon the authenticity and creditability of the sacred scriptures and the Church arrested the progress of the kingdom of God in the earth for a season.

The sights and historical associations of the town suggested to Dr. Watts the various hymns, which he contributed, and the scenes that quickened his poetical and responsive nature. Southampton, Dr. Watt”s birthplace, and the many venerable, unique, and historical buildings are familiar scenes to the author, who has enjoyed the privilege of visiting the town at different times and preaching in the various churches of his own and other denominations, and while there formed friendships that are fondly cherished, and as dear as “Ye Auld Lang Syne” hence, Southampton”s history and institutions are all but as familiar to the author as is the old “Independence Hall” with its Liberty Bell in the City of “Ye Brotherly Love,” where he was raised. It is with feelings of pleasure we set this little book adrift on the crest-wave of the ever increasing ocean of letters.